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I'm seeing so many 'so long 2020' social media posts all waxing lyrical about being glad to see the end of what has been unquestionably one of the weirdest years of my life for sure. But has it all been bad?

It's not difficult for me to spot the positives of 2020 but the one that has really changed my life is working from home. Yoga isn't my day job, my 9-5 is usually in an office, and during lockdown my commute has been reduced to 'walk out of the bedroom and turn left'. This has changed my life dramatically, in fact after 15+ years of long commutes to work I'd say that I have finally found a work/life balance.

This is epic in yogic terms. I practice yoga every morning before work, I've been able to run/lift weights most days, I get to spend time with my wife before she goes to work, we get to spend lunch together and I'm home when she finishes her day. This has been wonderful all round.

With more communication via social media I find myself having heartfelt conversations with family and friends, colleagues and customers most days, small talk has been replaced with conversations that mean so much more. Work asked me to run a regular yoga class and I've lead company-wide sessions teaching three-part yogic breathing. We are helping each other through the most traumatic of times.

My carbon footprint has plummeted, I've gone from filling the car up twice a week to once every two months. The world feels like it's taking a breath, when I run the air feels clean and I see wild life around me most days. Zoom and other peer-to-peer communication methods has allowed us to stay in touch and I believe encouraged us to make more effort in the absence of face-to-face social interaction.

Of course there are things are have been challenging, but I truly hope that we take the good from 2020 into 2021.

Happy New Year!

New Years Day socially distanced yoga practice at Little Frensham Pond. It's easy to 'ground down' through your foot when you're wearing walking boots ;-)

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