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Christmas Tapas

Disclaimer: This is not related to Spanish cuisine, although I do love a tortilla!

Tapas in the world of yoga is linked to self-discipline and for me the area that I find myself lacking in discipline is when it comes to food... especially during the festive season and even more so when it comes to mince pies! As much as I'd like to be the towering example of pure yogic practice I couldn't sit here claiming that I would turn away one of these fruit filled treats in exchange for a chickpea fritter.

I have, only this evening, returned from our local supermarket where they've reduced these festive treats to half price! So the temptation is going to continue till at least the first week of January, or until the shelves are emptied, after which I promise myself I'll steer away from certain aisles when out doing the weekly shop.

Of course all of this is magnified by the current pandemic, finding coping mechanisms in aspects of life where we are missing some of the most basic of human needs. Our smiles are hidden behind masks, we can't hug (or even stand close) to our loved ones and interaction with our peers and colleagues has been restricted to digital means.

I don't think I'll find anyone who doesn't agree that we need to help protect each other in these challenging times, but don't forget to be kind to yourself, and if that means tucking into a mince pie or five then so be it. Just remember to accompany them with a pot of tea... those are the rules!

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