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Keep on keeping on!

I keep seeing these wee snippets of advice in magazines about how often we should be getting up and moving around. This one comes from Runners World and whilst it's not a direct suggestion that you lace up your running shoes and start pounding the pavements twice an hour it is a reminder that you should stand up at your desk or get off the sofa snd take a break from that boxset. Yoga can offer so much to combat a sedentary lockdown life, Table Top or seated Cat/Cow (Chakravakasana) is a safe, restorative posture that you can practice at any point during the day. Move with your breath and listen to your body, it will stop you stiffening up, it will help prevent joint and muscular stiffness and pain. Incorporate this into your day along with comfort breaks, putting the kettle on and maybe putting the washing out. In the words of Curtis Mayfield, Keep On Keeping On!

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