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Mind. Body. Breath.

A recurring message during my teacher training with the wonderful Jill Jones was that in every yoga class you should work to focus your students mind, body and breath. If you don't, then in Jill's own words, your yogi is likely to be thinking about the supermarket or lost elsewhere in thoughts of their busy lives. The purpose of my work as a yoga teacher is to give some relief from the day to day lives of my class, allowing them to focus on their own well-being; to be kind to themselves.

One of my hobbies is target shooting with small bore air rifles. This is something that dad and I used to do regularly, he was a retired police officer - having commanded a Tactical Firearms Unit, and a crack shot. However proud I am of his achievements he was always humble and modest, true yogic qualities.

Since qualifying as a yoga teacher I have recognised that this sport incorporates those three qualities; Focus and control of mind body and breath. Hitting a small target at a distance of up to 55 yards whilst sat on a beanbag requires the same disciplines that we strive for when are practicing yoga. Without really knowing it I have been using yoga off the mat in day to day life and I wonder if you have too!

However you practice, whether through postures, mindfulness or breathing and relaxation, make sure you make the time to be present in the moment and to be kind to yourselves.

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