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Orange Snowman Yoga

This time last week we were all outdoors playing in the snow, making snow angels, rolling giant snowmen and enjoying an all too brief taste of fun and normal life. It was so nice to see people outside enjoying themselves probably for the first time since the summer.

Taking a photo opportunity last week using the remnants of a huge snowman, I felt drawn towards standing tree pose. it could've been any pose but that was what felt natural at the time. Days later I shared with my yoga teacher ( the fact that I'm finding 2021 to be quite unnerving, the pandemic continues and the light at the end of the tunnel we hoped for has dimmed a little as restrictions continue with no indication of being lifted soon. By complete coincidence Jill then recommended that I practice Tree Pose on a daily basis, this being a pose to overcome fear. It's testament to the idea that the universe guides you towards what you need when you need it most.

I've found Lockdown 3.0 to be much tougher than the others. Speaking to friends there is a theme that the short, wet, dark days, along with staring at screens all day to communicate with the world, wreaks havoc with your mental health. We're past Winter Solstice now and the days are getting gradually longer. I'm hopeful that we will enter Spring and have another scorching summer to lift our spirits and allow us to make the most of the longer days.

Dig deep frogs, we'll get through this together.

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