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Slowing down...

Anyone who follows me outside of 'Frog' related social media will know that I've got a 'pinched nerve' in my neck. This isn't the result of training or yoga practice but spending long hours hunched over my laptop. It fahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... really is quite painful, I've had broken bones, dislocated joints, concussions, etc. and this is just the most debilitating injury I've sustained.

However, I'm still teaching, with some adjustments and modifications, but not training. This slower pace has given me the opportunity to catch up on some yoga related reading. Slowing down has, in some ways, been good for me. I've had to find other ways to practice mindfulness and meditate, the asanas haven't been my go-to and my morning salutation is on hold for a little while.

The two latest reads (on loan from the wonderful Holly Hood Yoga ) are very different in style and subject but both equally as enlightening. The books have helped me develop my practice and challenged how I approach life. I'll be making more time to slow down and read as lockdown restrictions begin to lift. I'm determined not to go back to life as it was, hectic and stressful, but find some balance from the slower pace that I've been forced to adopt.

I'd love to hear how life feels for you all now and what you would like to hold onto from the last 15 months.

Answers on a postcard to....

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