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The Decisive Moment

I was chatting to my good friend Robin last week about photography and how we had plans to shoot on film this year. We both have a collection of cameras that aren't digital and hark back to the start of our journey into photography.

Our conversation turned to the differences between shooting on film and the digital equivalent that the world has embraced, and we both agreed that there is something wonderful about loading a camera with a cartridge that affords you the opportunity to shoot only 36 images. The fact that, unlike our iPhones or digital SLR's, you are inspired to carefully consider where you point the camera, how you frame the picture and when you press the shutter is mindful practice in its purest form.

Henri Cartier Bresson talked about 'The Decisive Moment', that instant when you instinctively press the shutter, when you capture a point in time that is fleeting but in it's frozen form creates a record that can tell the most powerful of stories. There is some truth in the saying that 'a picture paints a thousand words' (Frederick R. Barnard in Printer's Ink - December, 1921) but what makes that moment so different from one a second away is your mindful action.

Mindfulness is something that we all practice and have practiced in our daily lives at some point or another. It ebbs and flows depending on the demands that we have and where our attention is at any given time, are we anxious, stressed, distracted or are we relaxed, calm and in the moment?

In yoga we are encouraged to create these moments through posture, breathing and meditation but we can create our own mindful moments in even the most mundane of activities. Practicing mindfulness can help so much in our daily lives and will help us recognise when we are acting with purpose and living in the moment.

Check out Robin's photography at his work is truly inspiring

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