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The Life and Times of a Disgruntled Hedgehog

Specifically we're talking about a very tired, disgruntled hedgehog - or how I was described this morning by Mrs Frog after I'd stumbled out of bed and fumbled to get ready for my morning routine. It's a pretty accurate description, my hair is poking in different directions, I'm frowning whilst I try to figure out if standing is what I want to be doing and exactly how I feel about yoga before breakfast.

This blog was going to be titled "How Do You Start Your Day" but following Mrs Frogs observation the "Hedgehog" reference is more fitting, however the theme is the same. Without fail I'll make a cup of Green Tea and light a candle in preparation for a little yoga practice.

Everyday starts with a Kundalini Meditation, at the moment I'm 73 days into Aad Guray Nameh. My yoga teacher Zoe - - started me on this Kriya at our last face to face class the evening before. I try to stick with the same meditation for 100 days. Search for '100 day meditation' on the internet and you'll get some fantastic articles on the benefits of meditating for this length of time. Also take a look at for the benefits of this meditation and if you want to get involved then use this YouTube video to to give you something to practice along to

I then practice surya namaskar - an 11 minute sun salutation. Aside from focussing the mind and getting the body moving it's also a great workout! I'm a fan of getting the blood flowing after you've spend 7+ hours horizontal during the night. Encouraging the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain is a great way to get you prepared for the day. Again I follow a YouTube video and have chosen the 11 minute version to guide me - - there are also 3 and 20 minute versions available.

After that it might be another 20-30 minutes of yoga, I might run, I might help Mrs Frog walk a dog, I might start work, but regardless of what comes next these two practices start me off on the right foot for my day.

How do you start your day?

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