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Living through this pandemic is a trauma

This was shared on social media at the start of the year and something I've sent on, both to groups and individuals who I feel need it. It's eight months on since we entered our first Lockdown and this article has never been more relevant to our lives. I think back to how long we expected to be in this situation, which was a mixture of what we were being told, what we could see happening around the world and what we hoped for. We continue to care for those around us, listening when friends and colleagues need to talk, we've shopped for neighbours, creating support networks for everyone whose lives we touch. We've had calls for help from the other side of the world and given out our phone numbers so that people feel they aren't alone.

Now three weeks into Lockdown 2, I find myself missing my friends and family. Social media helps us keep in touch and stay connected but it doesn't come close to seeing a friendly face. I was fortunate enough to get out for a socially distanced run with a friend this weekend. Aside from the challenges of an undulating off-road route and a rapid pace we also found ourselves chatting incessantly whilst catching our breath. One of the things we agreed that we missed is hugging friends and family, a greeting that we had taken for granted our entire lives has become socially unacceptable. Distancing ourselves is important for our physical health and safety but this needs to be balanced with what we require to stay mentally healthy.

We will continue to follow the guidelines and apply common sense to our lives, we'll continue to look after and support each other as we transition into the new normal.

Whilst we practice being good humans don't forget that we need to look after ourselves. Take time to restore and replenish your energies, make time to do those things that you enjoy and that enriched your life. After all you can't give from an empty cup.

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