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Who's Zooming Who?

I'll never miss an opportunity to quote a song and in this instance never has Aretha Franklin's 1985 hit been so relevant. Everyone is Zooming everyone else. It's the new normal, we're fully used to seeing each other as a digital representation on our laptops, iPads, mobile phones.

As we entered lockdown everything shifted. The Yoga teacher training course I was attending moved online, we had no choice, yet as tricky as it became to juggle technology and distance learning, it was also the perfect preparation for us all to start our yoga practices in the only way that we could - using the power of the internet.

As lockdown measures begin to lift lots of yogis are questioning whether they will continue teaching online or return to the church halls and sports centres that we are used to.

I will definitely be continuing online. I love the fact that I have students practicing in the comfort of their own home (or during the recent heatwave, from their gardens!) and with a combined geography spanning 70 miles at any given time, I'm thoroughly enjoying bring together yogi's who wouldn't be able to travel to my class in person.

I think the future will be a hybrid of both, whilst I might not get as many long term online students I also don't have the overhead of a hall to consider, making two students a class entirely cost effective. I love the idea that my classes are accessible, safe and great value for money.

The chart above has been taken from a recent Yoga Alliance Professionals poll of teachers opinions regarding life after lockdown for online lessons. It looks like I'm not the only one enjoying delivering a guided practice by Zoom.

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