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Yoga for the practicing musician

I was reading Guitarist magazine last night and came across this article about session musician Bibi McGill. Bibi has shared the stage with Pink and Beyonce amongst other big names in the music industry. What set this article apart is that there was a strong yogic theme running throughout. Not only was it mentioned that Bibi practices yoga but she references a true yogic lifestyle without overtly talking yoga.

She speaks about meditating before shows to bring her mind into the moment and 'just being' rather than thinking. There are wonderful references to feeling the energy of the audience, of receiving and giving, about balance in life, being in nature and living a simple life. Quite amazing considering the scale and bustle that must come as part of touring with some of the worlds most famous musicians.

It's inspiring to read how people are yogic at heart and how they find balance in the world. Bibi is a qualified Ashtanga instructor, look her up, you'll find her on YouTube and speaking online with publications such as Yoga Journal.

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